Bright Spark was born out of a love of both technology and aesthetics. This marriage has led to the creation of a dual purpose volume and expression effects pedal. Bright Spark uses a magnetic sensor to restrict the number of moving parts, and thereby reduce the parts prone to wear and tear. The mode of the pedal is changed with a simple tap on the switch at the heel end of the pedal. As soon as the mode is changed, the pedal remembers the last position it was at when the mode was changed Then, when returning to the original mode, as soon as that point is reached in the sweep of the pedal, it will re-engage. Both modes of the pedal are indicated by different LED colours, which flash when the function is changed, then stay solidly lit when the 'remembered' position is reached.
Bright Spark is powered by standard negative centre 9V, which has allowed us to incorporate a buffer into the tuner out, thereby eliminating the issue of "tone-suck". The 9V power input is doubled internally to 18V to allow for increased dynamic headroom. 
Eventide users rejoice! We have allowed for the specific voltage used to control expression in your Factor series or H9 pedals - 3.3V. There is a mini toggle to choose either this or 5V, the 'other' industry standard for expression control. This way, you can tailor the effective range of the expression sweep in Bright Spark to get the best response. Further to this, the taper screw on the control panel allows the user to achieve any degree of uniform expression curve from concave, (fully counter-clockwise) to linear (centre) to convex (fully clockwise).